LIPAC participated in Photonics West 2023

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Dear readers,

Hi : ) Welcome back to the Lipac Story! 


Today, I'm gonna talk about LIPAC's participation in Photonics West 2023 in San Francisco, US.

A lot of companies participated in the Photonics West exhibition this year, and many participants representing each company interacted with each other and constructed a heated discussion of each optical field.

It seemed that communication that had been suppressed by COVID-19 regulations had only now been restored to its original state.


LIPAC was also in the middle of the heat,

however, a number of foreign buyers visited the LIPAC booth and showed interest in establishing a full-fledged partnership for optical engines for 400Gbps-FR4 and 400Gbps-LR4 optical transceivers.


As a result, LIPAC has received excellent reviews from customers around the world,

and from this exhibition, it can be seen that LIPAC has entered the market in earnest based on actual development results.



Please look forward to LIPAC's next step!

See ya!





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