About Us


About Us

Our proud past trajectory
may lead us to the brighter future


2015 ~ NOW
  • 2021 ~ Current
    1. Successful development of MP-ready 100Gbps & POC 400Gbps optical engine.
    2. MOU with OE Solution and foreign customers for transceiver co-development.
    3. MOU with ETRI for SiPh application co-development.
    4. COBO membership for NPO development with Big Tech. companies worldwide.
    1. Successful development of POC sample for ToF sensor optical engine.
    2. MOU with MCNex for ToF sensor co-development.
    3. Acquisition of Korean National Project for ToF sensor development (2.6M USD).
    1. Others : Innobiz Chairman Award, KODIT First Penguin Award, etc.
  • 2019 ~ 2020
    1. Foundation of Lipac and original technology (O-SiP) transfer from Givata Co., Ltd.
    2. Successful closing of Seed Funding (over 5M USD).
    3. Acquisition of Korean National Project for 100Gbps optical engine development (0.36M USD).
    4. Certification as a venture company by Korean Government.
  • 2015 ~ 2018

    (@ parent company, Givata Co., Ltd.)

    1. The world's first POC of O-SiP with 40Gbps optical engine

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