About Us


About Us

LIPAC specializes in optical engine, 
a key component for optical interconnect and optical sensors.

Our name, LIPAC, is an abbreviation of “Light Packaging”,
which expresses the will and passion to solve the fundamental and technical limitations that photonics industry is suffering from,
using the advanced semiconductor package technology.

In the era of the 4th industrial revolution, when the amount of digital data is explosively increasing, LIPAC is constantly challenging to
find the way to measure and transmit data in a much accurate and efficient manner.
LIPAC strives to solve these issues by providing total optical solutions based on advanced semiconductor package technology.

  • Vision

    Providing total optical solutions based on
    advanced semiconductor package technology.

  • Mission

    Permanent existence under the consideration of
    shareholders, team members, society,
    and environment.


  • Loyalty
    Strong will
    to achieve team goals.
  • Communication
    Fluent communication
    to achieve team goals.
  • Expertise
    to achieve team goals.

Company Logo

Three variant types of logo provided below can be downloaded and applied in a free manner, but in the scope of securing and not harming the corporate identity of LIPAC.
Variation on the logo requires official permission from LIPAC.

LIPAC Black version logo image LIPAC Green version logo image LIPAC White version logo image


  • 2020

    Proof of concept on optical engines based on advanced semiconductor package technology.

  • 2023

    Market entrance through sales of optical engines.

  • 2025

    Maximization of revenue and profit through diversification of product line-up.

  • 2030

    Becoming a market leader who provides the total advanced semiconductor packaging solution to the photonic industry.

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